XIS Xpress

Xpress Integrated System (XIS) is our Trade Mark and it is capable of interfacing with other external systems to reduce dependency of processes on manual intervention and paper flows.

XIS products includes but not limited to:

Payroll Management System, Account Management System, Stock Management System, Asset Management System, Sales Management System, Revenue Management System, Human Resource (HR) Management System, Hotel Management System (HMS)

All the modules of the system are tightly integrated with one another It is easy to learn and use

It can be internet enabled

It can accept input from external systems e.g. Microsoft Excel

XIS supports OLE, ODBC and can create link with Microsoft Excel Spreedsheet

XIS can export output to Microsoft Excel Spreedsheet, Microsoft Word and PDF file formats, where relevant XIS has support for multi-user i.e it can be used on a network

XIS provides sufficient security of access to allow user accounts to be defined for each type for user and segregation of duties

It provides system log. XIS is customizable

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