RealWell (WITSML)


RealWell-Server is a scalable WITSML server with a multi well and multi user structure. It supports authentication, SSL Encryption, optional data compression, authorization, ACL. It is possible to restrict users access to  wells and wellbores. We can support the entire workflow, wellsite data aggregation, transmission to WITSML server, the Viewer allows realtime visualization, WellAct uses the WITSML server as realtime data source.


RealWell-View is a web application allowing to monitor remotely Real-time and historical well data, reading the from a WITSML server.  It supports time and depth based data, can Displays MWD, LWD, Mudlogging and other data, linear and log scales. Each user can configure the viewer properties, such unit of measure, data items, scales, colors etc.

RW Integrator is the cross over software to bridge between different realtime well data formats using WITS, WITSML and OPC standards

RW Integrator can aggregate data from various service companies and delivery a WITSML stream to one or more WITSML Server in Town.

All realtime data are stored in a local DB, in case of connection breaks, irrespective of duration the  data resync is automatic, no data losses.

RW Integrator has various option to allow flexibility in managing the data, such as: 
– can generate depth data records from a time based WITS stream.
– can reduce the data rate if the bandwidth is not sufficient to cope with an hight data rate
– allows to select the item to be streamed to optimize bandwidth usage

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