What is NetSuite and ERP?
NetSuite ERP is an all-in-one cloud business management solution that helps organizations operate more effectively by automating core processes and providing real-time visibility into operational and financial performance.
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Is NetSuite easy to learn?
NetSuite is easy to use and intuitive. Compared to other accounting software. I used to use SAP and to be efficient you had to memorize countless t-codes and go through dozens of awkward screens. You can become semi-efficient in NetSuite in a matter of days or even hours
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Is NetSuite the same as SAP?
While both systems can handle manufacturing and supply chain, NetSuite may be better suited to companies who do not need marketing or HR modules in the same system as their manufacturing data. On the other hand, SAP’s professional services features suit those companies with deep human capital resources

Is NetSuite the same as QuickBooks?
NetSuite is a more comprehensive program that offers features such as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and e-commerce solutions. QuickBooks is a simpler program that is mainly used for basic accounting tasks such as invoicing, mileage tracking and payroll

Scale up, spin off, adopt new business models, NetSuite’s flexibility lets you do it all, quickly and easily. With every NetSuite upgrade, your configurations and customization migrate seamlessly.

What Is NetSuite ERP & How Does It Work?

Your core business system now becomes your customer-facing commerce system with a customizable, customer-specific, pixel perfect experience.


Real-time analytics is the NetSuite user interface. Users know what they should be doing and how they’re helping the business, with vital business data displayed from right within the system.

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NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and ecommerce software.One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM, and ecommerce for more than 33,000 customers.

89% of surveyed finance leaders agreed that NetSuite helped them to reduce their data entry time.

NetSuite Dashboard Overview

Why do companies choose NetSuite?
Oracle NetSuite can enable customers to grow with their business offering flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can deliver significant benefits with real-time insights, streamlined processes, and a 360-degree view of performance across the business.

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Is NetSuite expensive?
Oracle NetSuite Cos
Monthly subscription costs begin at $99, but the total price will depend on the solution you want. Implementing Oracle NetSuite may cost even more, with some estimates in the thousands of dollars.

What problems does NetSuite solve?
This system provides project and resource management, billing, time and expense management and project accounting capabilities.

NetSuite is a strong competitor of SAP which helps you run your key back-office operations. NetSuite ERP helps organizations to accelerate growth and drive innovation. Their solutions are tailored for businesses of any size, any industry, suitable for employees in different roles.

NetSuite Work in Process (WIP) and Routing

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