Corporate Governance
We have a good reputation for integrity and sound governance. Presently, these important key indicators have recorded greater priority than ever before.
Standards of disclosure have significantly increased with the review and improvement of necessary internal governance structures and roles to reflect best practices. These reviews occur at the board, management and technical levels of the company.

Our Background
Our commitment to delivering value to our customers is expressed in one of the major tenets of our company philosophy: something we call “service excellence”. Our approach to service excellence is two-fold. First, our extensive use of industry standard tools and systems throughout our development process enables us to provide a predictable delivery model. But our service doesn’t stop once your project is delivered. We continue to support your company across the installation, support and maintenance, field training, and upgrade processes as well.
We    have   been serving   the  informational  needs   of
commercial and Government clients since 2007. During this time, we have provided innovative, cost effective software solutions and earned a record of strong consistent customer satisfaction.
Our competitive edge comes from our flexibility and abilities to develop and provide customized solutions on time and within budget.

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