ChatGPT founder, Sam Altman, visits Nigeria on AI tour

By Olusola Babarinsa 20th May 2023

OpenAI Chief Executive Officer, Sam Altman, is in Nigeria interacting with some members of the tech community, apparently to spread interest in emerging AI.

Mr Altman was seen speaking with various stakeholders in the tech community in Lagos in photos circulating on social media on Friday.

Mr Altman also spoke to students at the MUSON Center about the future of artificial intelligence.

Between May and June, Mr Altman plans to visit 17 locations around the world, including Toronto, New Delhi, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Brussels and Singapore, with Lagos as the only African city on his itinerary.

Mr Altman reportedly encouraged potential clients to fill out a form asking for basic information such as the person’s name, email address and reason for wanting to meet.

The AI ​​pioneer is at the forefront of what some are already calling the coming AI revolution. He also invites those who can organise meetings of 500 people or more to specify this.

Nigeria is home to Africa’s most active tech hub, and developers are already churning out amazing AI-generated products. These include Justin Irabor’s Kainene Vos Savant and Richmond Alake’s audio-to-text AI automation tool, as well as research partners on Telegram.

OpenAI opened ChatGPT to the public in November 2022, demonstrating its excellent ability to quickly acquire and adapt new knowledge. There’s a lot of excitement about this advanced language model because it’s designed to generate answers in a conversational way.

In addition to meeting with OpenAI users and developers, Mr. Altman announced plans to interact with lawmakers to gather feedback and ideas about AI. Just two days ago, OpenAI’s CEO spoke to the U.S. Senate, saying he supports government control of artificial intelligence.

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